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Preoperative pre-surgical patient

Certificações Auto-avaliação Aulas

Class Program



1. The importance of iron beyond anemia: from its absorption to its use.

Dra. María Cecilia Brax

2. Diagnosis of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia

Dra. María Cecilia Braxs

3. Management of Anemia in obstetrics and gynecological surgery.

Dra. Elvira Bisbe

4. Management of preoperative anemia in the cardiac surgery patient.

Dra. Elvira Bisbe 


1. Enhanced recovery after surgery programs 
Dra. Graciela Martínez Palli

2. Prehabilitation: concept  and evidence    
Dra. Graciela Martínez Palli

3. Functional evaluation of the surgical patient
Dr. Miguel Coca Martínez - Dra. Marta Ubré Lorenzo

4. Preoperative nutritional and anaemia assessment    
Dr. Manuel López Baamonde

5. Personalised exercise interventions in prehabilitation 

Dra. Elena Gimeno - Dra. Alicia Hervás - Dra. Raquel Serbio

6. Nutritional intervention in the prehabilitation program
Lic. Betina Campero Calzada

7. Preoperative hemoglobin optimization for the surgical patient
Dra. Misericordia Basora

8. Preoperative smoking cessation
Dr. Jacobo Sellarés Torres

9. Practical aspects of the intravenous ferrotherapy
Dr. Antonio López Hernández

10. The role of a cognitive training program in the context of prehabilitation    
Dr. Juan Perdomo Linares

11. Potencial papel del entrenamiento cognitivo
Dr. Juan Perdomo Linare

12. Patient´s experience in fron of a major surgery
Lic. Laura Gonzáles Vallespi

13. Prehabilitation in abdominal surgery
Dra. Raquel Risco Martínez

14. Prehabilitation in cardiovascular surgery
Dra. María José Arguis

15. Prehabilitation in thoracic surgery
Dr. Ricard Navarro Ripoll

16. Prehabilitation in orthopedic - head and neck surgery
Dra. Mar Montané Muntané